Friday, December 19, 2014


Loaves and fishes....that was the sermon. What do I have to bring? What is it that I have to offer? My willingness. To open my hands. To walk to You with what seems pathetically incapable. Incapable of meeting these sea of needs I'm surrounded with. But then again, all that has ever been required is my willingness. To make a step. Whisper a prayer. Offer up what little I have so You can take it....and break it.....yes, the breaking always precedes the miracle...and make it enough. More than enough. So I'm standing here Lord, my willingness to let go of my broken pieces and let You do what it is You do best. Feed Your children.....spiritually, financially, relationally, everyway. Help me overcome my fear of want, my fear of need, my fear of not enough, my fear of left out. And fill me with You. More than enough. Never wanting. Thankful. 

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