Saturday, April 6, 2013

Count Your Blessings One By One

I was reminded this morning while reading one of my devotionals how quickly I tend to get stuck in a rut.  By that I mean I get tunnel vision.  A one track mind.  And that can be good.....but that can be bad.  I tend to get so wrapped up in one thing that I don't have and forget to see all the things I DO have.  And let me say, I am blessed beyond measure. 

My devotional spoke of Eve in the Garden.  She had everything.  Except one thing.  One thing God told her no about.  And that's where she got into really big trouble....she focused on what she didn't have and when she finally got it, through her own disobedience, I am, fighting the same battle she did.  I don't believe God wants to withhold any good thing from us.  But everything has its proper time and place.  And in order to have that, you have to be in obedience to Him.  So today, I'm going to look around and list some of the things I am grateful for.  Try it.  It will make us both smile :)

My List Of Blessings

Jesyca Rene & Justin Ryan
Sago (even when you shed, I love you too)
A roof over my head and a beautiful place to be
I can run.  Everyday.  I have two legs, two arms and I can breathe.
I am strong, inside and out
The bills are paid, God has taught me about being frugal and I can sleep at night.
There is food on the table.  And by making wise choices, I can feed my family healthy food.
We have clean water.
I have a washing machine and Downy Unstoppables.  That is huge people.
I have coffee.  You should be thankful for that too if you see me before 7 am.
I have transportation.
I have a riding lawn mower.  After a year of push mowing 5 acres...yeah, sooo thankful!!!!
I have the most amazing friends EVER.  EVER.  PERIOD..
I get to see my family everyday at work.  And I love them.  And they love me.
I get to go to work each day.
I'm smart.  I can learn new things.  And lately without many tears and freaking out!
I have had the same Bible for 18 years.  And it reminds me where He has taken me.
I have a Bible period.
I have a bed.
I have clothes.
I have running shoes :)
God has taught me a little of how to love unconditionally.  And that has changed me.  For the better.
God teaches me new things each day, even if they hurt, He's still working on me!
I have salvation.  3/1995
Cupcakes.  They are a beautiful thing.

Just a few......cause there are so many things.....and I thankful for the gift of words.  Thankful that I can write them down and share them. 

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