Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things I Learned At Preschool

It's Tuesday....just another day.  How often do we miss His leading, His will for what our tasks will be?  I get so consumed with the things that aren't or that perhaps could be, should be or would be, that I almost miss the thing He is calling me to right in front of my face.  And when I stop to do what He has asked of me, it seems that He answers my own questions deep inside my heart.  The verse He has given me twice already this morning:

Proverbs 11: 24-25
24 One shares liberally and yet gains even more,
while another hoards more than is right and still has need.
25 A giving person will receive much in return,
and someone who gives water will also receive the water he needs.

He so lovingly reminds me that He is here, He is guiding me if I'm quiet enough to listen, still enough to let Him be God and know that He will never leave me, never forsake me on this journey...I let go of His hand at times, not the reverse.  Keep being just what He has asked me to be.  It may seem like nothing is happening.  It all may seem pointless...but...

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