Thursday, April 25, 2013

When You Doubt Count Them Out....

The Challenge was speak your I am doing it.  Speaking Them.  Writing Them.  Listing them here:

Lemons...I love the smell.  It makes me smile.  Clean sheets....they feel amazing.'s the most perfect color ever.  Watermelon....the best food God ever invented.  Ever.  Cupcakes....because they are cupcakes.  And cupcakes are amazing.  Always.  Reading....I love books.  My Bible....I love my Bible.  I love all the history of my life documented in those pages.....reminders, promises, how far He has brought me.  Words....I love that I love to spell things.'s an extravagance we take for granted....and one that was given as a gift of great price.  My's Peridot, it's green, my favorite color.  My birthday...because it in August and that is the best month ever...the month of new beginnings.  The book Tiger Eyes...but more specifically the copy my dad gave me when I was 11 for my birthday and he wrote in the front. The plaque my friend Kristie gave me in 2003 before she left for Alaska that says "Remember how far God has brought you".  Hot's just comfort in a cup.  Tears....I used to hate the fact I cry at EVERYTHING....but you know, tears break down walls, soften hearts and tell others the depth of how we are able to love and empathize.  Flip Flops....because I like shoes, but mostly, I like no shoes.  Tater Tots...Crispy Crowns.....yes they ARE paleo.  The beach....I love being outside and the beach is one of my favorite places. of the most substantial answers to prayers in my life.  A huge gift from God.  It has gotten me through days I never thought would end and allowed me to conquer dreams I never thought I would achieve.  Conversation....that I can express myself to others, to God and they can do the same with me.  Breeze....when I run at times while the seasons are changing, I come into pockets of warm or cool air.  Today it was warm...and it was as if God Himself came and surrounded me.  It made me smile, it calmed me.  My eyes....I love the color God made them.  I'm tiny....5'1" and I like that about me.  Cheese....dairy is a love of mine...yes I did say that out loud.  Coffee...oh yes, but my own coffee...turbo jet fuel coffee, instant coffee IN my coffee...early morning goodness....if you know me you are thankful for that too.  My's big, it's a semi jungle....but it's the place God has held me for 18 years and obviously He has a plan.  Sago...I know you are not a's why I love you because I am not an animal person, but I picked you and you are awesome.  Jesyca...yep I won the lotto with that kid....she is everything I always wanted to be....and she is amazing and the most perfect daughter you could ever want...cause she's her, just her and that makes her amazing.  Justin cling on kid who now is just conquering the world...he is an amazement.....he is the kindest most gentle soul you have ever met and the most awesome boy I could have ever hoped for.  Those two make my days...the most amazing blessings I could have ever dared hoped for and He gave them to me :)  My dad....I'm a daddy's girl and God uses that relationship to remind me just how much more He loves me, even more than my earthly father (and that's a lot).  B....always my <3.  My truck...2005 was a good year...and it's an awesome truck...even though I'm a tiny little girl in a really big vehicle.  Running shoes...yes, they are a gift....I love them.  My church....cause it's filled with God...with love... and with peeps who aren't afraid to get out there and make a difference.  My not birthed....they were chosen.  Marci.  My sister who taught me how to laugh again when I was coming out of one of the darkest periods of my entire life.  And she's just a part of my very being and I hope Jesus lets us have mansions next to each other.....Aubrey....she's so me in so many ways..I see myself in her when it comes to determination to overcome whatever obstacle says "no you can't"....we just say, "watch me".  She doesn't see the beauty in that, in her, what God has placed in that precious heart of hers...but I do.   Tamra....oh she is my heart....what a precious gift ....She reminds me of all the good that there is. sweet friend who almost wasn't....but thankfully we let God work His will into us and I cannot imagine if we had let our insecurities tell us otherwise.....what a treasure and wealth of godly knowledge I would have missed...she challenges me on every level, to push past and be who God created me to be......and then we have Troy & Tiff......they have been a part of my life since the first brick in this wall tumbled....and they have lifted me up on the days when it would have been really easy to stay down.....there really aren't words to describe what their family is in my life....Kristie...who has been my person for the past 10 years....many of those were spent apart geographically but God brought her back and she has been my backbone, my voice of reason and my shoulder...she has seen me through every step of this crazy ride God has put me on and I know she will rejoice just as much as me when God lets the morning break through this very long night....there are many more friends I am thankful and in person who have let God use them to help me keep moving.  I love you all.  Can't imagine one day without you.  I am thankful for my health, for my strength, for my abilities, for all the opportunities God has placed before me.  For the open doors...ans yes, even the shut doors. 

I am grateful for each breath.  Grateful for the opportunity to serve Him.  Even in the hard times, even when I'm pitching a fit and being Bratty McWhiner...even then Lord, help me to keep counting and remembering all I am blessed with. Psalm 103....


  1. and tears. again. i love you so so much. =)

    1. I'm gonna bring you some tissue :) love you too!