Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning

2 Of one thing I am certain: my soul has become calm, quiet, and contented in You.
Like a weaned child resting upon his mother, I am quiet.
My soul is like this weaned child.  Psalm 131:2

It's Monday....and I did successfully manage to get up just a bit earlier today, so much I have ahead of me, but I go to make my coffee, my thoughts begin to swirl, pressures begin weighing heavy on, I can't, there's no way, seriously Lord still?......and so yet again, I sit, trying to unwind what is beginning to be so very tightly wound....and He reminds me that so a man thinks in his heart, he what do I think in my heart? What is it that I am going to choose to believe this morning? 

Psalm 131 came to mind......I have no answers for all these questions about me.  Not one.  A child doesn't worry how it will be clothed, fed, cleaned, cared for....we as parents continually asses the needs of our children.  We guide them, care for them, get them through the day, always giving direction.  We just do it.  They just trust that we will do it.  Minute by after day.....they are always on our minds.  As we are always on His mind.....

And so today as I read that, what He whispered in my ear so early this morning, I let Him quiet me.  He's got this....He is my parent, I am His child.  All that I have belongs to Him and therefore, all that I need, I have.

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