Saturday, April 27, 2013


This week has been about community for me. The people we spend our time with, surround ourselves with, depend on and form bonds with.  This for me is family.  These people that become an ingrained part of our lives.  Whether we befriend them, marry into them, adopt them, whatever God uses to bring them across our paths, some are forever.  Some just in our hearts, but some become a part of who we are to be.  They are used to mold and shape us into the way God intended.  Sandpaper....velvet...tidal used as God creates His masterpiece in us. 
I am reminded yet again that not all of your family will come by birth.  Some bonds forged will become much stronger, deeper, as we go along.  Today I'll be patient, hopeful, expectant of what God is doing and how He is moving in my life and grateful for the beautiful family, however they came to me, I have been blessed with.

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