Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Minute Friday - Belong

Linking up with Lisa Jo and all the girls for 5 Minute Friday...No edits, no rewrites and love the ones that came before you...

Topic: BELONG....Go..

I realized yesterday Who I belong to.  As I struggled under the weight of my choices yet again, it became clear.  He isn't going anywhere.  He loves me.  Just me.  My good, bad and ugly.  He put me here in this place 18 years ago, it's the ground I belong on.  The soil where my life has been lived.  He has placed me in a family where regardless of my choices, I still belong.  I am loved.  He has also placed me in the middle of a family that is God given, a family of friends, that even on my worst days, they still love me, let me be me and send a note to say, I love you.  Period.  To belong has been the greatest desire of my heart.  To be able to love unconditionally we must believe without question that the place we belong is just that, the place to always be.  I will always be His, always belong in His family, always belong in His heart.  And if I have that, then I can extended that same grace to another.



  1. "I will always be His, always belong in His family, always belong in His heart." Thank you for these words! Great post!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful post my dear. Wow!!

  3. :) This is beautiful! I'm realizing the same thing on the daily... I belong to Him and He loves me. Funny how the simple truths lift the heart the most. God bless you!!

    p.s. I saw your link up on Lisa's site and that's how I found your blog (if you were curious).

    1. Glad you came over for a visit Tara :) yes it seems that sometimes the most profound truths come in the day to day. A little at a time :)