Friday, July 5, 2013

Dear Weary Mom - She's a Big Girl Now

Linking up with the girls at Dear Weary Mom, cause you know we either are one or we know one at some point in time :)
Dear Weary Mom,

Oh some days....we might wish that these teens could be toddlers again for a little while, so we could take a breath, take control....heck, take a nap.  But here we are, running along side these "almost ready to fly" younguns and long for the time when juice or milk? was the question of the day...but then right in the middle of my sighing, I stop to look around at the beauty of this time and this season.  We can miss it you know.  Those cute little conversations we had with those big beautiful eyes staring back at us....they are still there.  They just come in different forms.  I was reminded of that with my sweet girl yesterday.  We aren't always in the same place now days, she and I.  But she's still my girl and I'm still her mom.  So take these small breaths of laughter sweet momma and carry on.  Your not alone :) We are right here beside you, extending a hand to keep you steady on this journey, thankful someone else is extending their to us as we all climb this path we are navigating.

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