Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Weary Mom......

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Dear Weary Mom,
What do you see in the moments of quiet, when things stop spinning for just a little while?  As I looked out the window today, I saw the same two little heads sitting shoulder to shoulder, the way they have their entire lives.  The days of stay at home mom have been replaced with mom working at family business and taking those two with me. 
The days of a newborn in my lap, a 15 month old hanging on my shoulders and me sitting in front of the laundry basket attempting to fold the same towel for two hours, all of us crying, have passed.  But we are a team still, us three, and they don't hang on me or need me any less, it just changes shape.  My tears aren't any less, they are just for different reasons.  My weariness isn't really any less either.  I still have days I wonder is THIS it, Lord?  This is my life?  It isn't.  It's a part of it, but it doesn't define me.  I'm still a work in progress.  Not perfect, fall on my face, sleep deprived, ice cream for dinner, non towel folding mom.
What I am finding though is that they see me.  And as long as I'm just being me and not pretending I have it all together, then they learn they don't always have to have it all together either.  If I get back up and keep trying, then they know they can do it as well.  As long as I remember Who loves me just because....then I can love that way too.  I can show His love to them and His glory is then revealed.  And that is a precious thing. 
So if today you don't get even one thing done on your list of things that must be done, remember, He loves you.  He sees you.  He thinks you are beautiful and marvels at His creation.  It's the same way we look at those little faces we carried and love each day.  We see what was, but we also see all the amazing things that will be in them.  He sees that in you and me.  Thankful.


  1. This was beautiful :) Being in the position now, that you were in, with a baby and a toddler, I sometimes think that the weariness will fade once they grow...but obviously, it continues. Thank you for your letter to us weary mothers out there, for your encouragement :)

  2. So glad to share with you :) eventually they do learn to help fold the towels ;) keep going sweet mama :)