Monday, July 1, 2013

When Your Feeling Half Way There

Deuteronomy 33:12
12 About Benjamin he said,
Moses: The Eternal’s beloved rests safely next to Him,
protected all through the day,
resting between His shoulders.

It's July.  I made it.  Not sure what I made it to exactly....but I just have that feeling ya' know? I was reading Deuteronomy this morning.  Moses was blessing the people before he died.  Benjamin and his blessing was very different from the rest.  Reading about him back in Genesis, he was the baby, he was favored, he always seemed to get an extra portion.  So when I'm reading about the blessing that Moses gave the others, then to Benjamin, his was short and simple, but it struck me.  He was protected all through the day.  He rested safely beside God.  Between His Shoulders.  What I envision in resting between someones shoulders in being pretty much as close as you can be to them...and they are bearing your entire weight, the whole burden, and you are carried. 

I want to rest between God's shoulders.  I want Him to bear up under me, to carry me, to have the full weight of all that I am.  And that brings rest and something else....if He is carrying me, then He is taking me wherever He wants me to be.  He is in the lead, I'm along for the ride.  It's all You Lord.  I don't want a step without You, so carry me, between Your shoulders, to wherever it is You want me to be. Thankful.

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