Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deary Weary Mom, Change Perspective

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Dear Weary Mom,
Maybe your week has been long like mine.  Juggling a sick one at home, work, school for this mama and all the responsibilities that come along with running a home.  Maybe you have help, but maybe you are doing it mostly on your own right now like I am..
The days blur into one another and you wonder, Lord when will this ever change? Sometimes it's about a shift in perspective.  Our perspective.  I did something I haven't done in quite a while this past weekend.  I went to a movie with my sisters and six of the little kids.....and it was 3D.  That meant I had to wear special glasses to see what was right before me, because if I took them off, things were blurry and didn't look appealing at all.
Those glasses reminded me of keeping my eyes on Him and using His word, His truths as my "glasses" as I go about my day.  When I see things the way He means me to, through His filter, then they take on a whole new dimension,  just like that movie did.  It's easy to get bogged down in the cooking and cleaning and laundry and responsibilities that come with the day to day routine of being a mama.  But when we look at it through Him, the tasks are greater than themselves.  Every step we take, every need we meet, is a chance to show His love to the ones He gave us to love.  To burn into their memory how much significance they bear in our lives. 
So today, shift perspective a little mama :) You have been given an amazing job...holding, loving, feeding, yes even diaper changing....His most precious gifts.  Thankful.

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  1. A change in perspective always helps me too. Visiting from Hope for the Weary Mom. Many blessings!