Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Keep Singing

Romans 8:37

The Voice (VOICE)
37 But no matter what comes, we will always taste victory through Him who loved us.

I've come back around again to this place.  Brokenness.  When we are faced yet again with what we don't understand we can choose to submit to His will, His hand, or steel against it.  Both bring pain, but only one allows us to heal and come out of the other side.  There is beauty in the breaking...it changes our heart.  To allow ourselves to come to that point and feel what we need to in order for Him to do His work in us, that is a soft and fleshy heart....one that steps out, even if it's in fear and says here I am Lord.  The other choice leaves us with a cold and stony heart, one that chooses to build up a wall to protect that what we might feel too fragile to bear the weight of all this yet again, but that wall also keeps us from the healing we so desperately need.

So I have chosen to let Him do this willingly, no fighting this time, and this was my verse this morning.  There is victory, even in this...because when we are His, we are more than conquers.  As I pray for direction, His message is ever clear....praise...in ALL things.  Let me just share with you I know the weight of that statement.  I know the tears that flow and the heavy sigh that comes when you read those words...AGAIN.  I too have said "Lord, this 'ALL' things.....I do not see them working, let alone for any good".  But hold on....just hold on.  That's what bubbles up in my heart.  My victory is set.  I need to praise Him for that.  Thankful.

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