Saturday, July 27, 2013

Perfect 10 - Number 2

Number 2’s the idol rule, those graven images aren’t nice

Idols...maybe when you think of this, you picture a statue, made of gold or perhaps something else.  It is something we look up to, hold in high esteem, bow down to...worship.  Fact is this can be things or people, just about anything.  It takes up our time, resources, thoughts,'s the thing that holds center place in our life.  I've made idols out of people, approval of others, things, clothes, times in my life all of these things have taken center stage.  And they were never enough.  They weren't meant to be.  I put them in the place that God is meant to hold in my life.  And they failed me, every time.  That isn't their purpose.  I still struggle with "if I only had..." then my life would be perfect.  But in reality, my life is just what He designed it to be....a work in progress, with Him in control and me worrying about obedience....He can handle the rest. Thankful.

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