Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Day 10 - Decorations - Behind The Scenes

Linking up with Crystal and the girls at Behind the Scenes.....

These have been the days of quiet.  And I let it bother me for a little while, but finally, I didn't have the energy anymore.  I've been a little under the weather, so even running hasn't happened.  Stillness.  Yesterday morning as I lay in bed trying to will myself up and moving, I prayed....Lord, all I have is today and I'm going to live in it.  Just today.   What do You have for me to do right here....As it came to a close and I headed home to my loves...this night would find us making a project for school.  My girls first ever sewing project.  I bought special fabric and  we cooked dinner and cut patterns and watched old Christmas movies. I told her of when I was little and watched the same ones.  I showed her how to trace and pin and sew a line...and these are new days and new memories.....and the scars of the last couple years are beginning to fade.  Our hearts are beating more is finding it's own way through the maze of what was blocked.  The peace that lays a blanket over us settles deeper with each passing day.  I was concerned and determined that this year the decorations would signal that we had come back to life again.  But I am finding that isn't so.  It's living with the spirit of what this season tells day in and day out.  Loving, serving, giving. Those are the most beautiful decorations of all.  Thankful.


  1. Every time I stop by your space, you encourage me. It's beautiful to see God's healing and redemption in your life and in your shine! I'm so blessed to call you a friend, and I hope someday soon we'll be able to exchange that hug! Love to you!

  2. Thank you sweet friend for those encouraging words :) I do so hope as well that I will get to meet you!! What a blessing that will be :)