Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Advent Day 23 - Gift

This day was long and ended in frustrations.  Being thankful was purposeful at best, yet I was.  There were so many things unbroken.  So many reasons to smile.  My world would not end because of a little inconvenience, but if you know me, the thought of no washing machine for a few days sent me into a panic that was eventually calmed by the location of a laundromat not too far away...just in case :) I agreed to let Him be my hand holder through this very uncomfortable, un-normal time for me, I looked for what He wanted me to discover.  This was a day of meaning.  It was very present in my mind.  As I walked the hall, turned the heat off and whispered yet again..thank You for all of this...a most beautiful gift arrived. Words that my heart so desperately longed to hear, given to me this day, one that I don't share with anyone else...a gift to be unwrapped.  Thankful.

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