Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Day 15 - Small

The weekend passed quite quickly again.  So much to do it seems this year, but much of it unhurried fun.  Spending another Saturday out with my girl, the evening baking for the first time in a really long time, the kids watching movies, can of 3 kinds of popcorn, cooking dinner....normal routine.  New mixed in with the old things we love.  A quiet strength to not be afraid of the quiet but to instead be able to reach out to another in it.  Letting God use my space for what He purposed it for.  It makes me smile.  I bought Christmas soap.  Last year I did so through tears and anxiety, it felt awful and forced.  This year as I set each bottle in it's own place the smells, each one, brought a fresh wave of anticipation.  I'm not sure exactly what this Christmas will bring.  And the planner/perfectionist/need-to-know girl is somehow alright with this.  It was said by my pastor in church yesterday...the promise Maker is a promise Keeper.....Thankful.

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