Thursday, December 12, 2013

Advent Day 11 - Compassion

I was reading through my emails yesterday..."The Beginning of Compassion: How To Become A Better Person"
It struck me a little odd, that title.  I'm not big on things that tell you how to do-it-yourself, but I like his writing, he does so from a Christian perspective and I was curious.  In this post he talked about doing good and having compassion and sometimes that compassion can actually make us feel bad, not good.  It breaks our heart, to know we can always do more, give more and that is what drives us.  To change what we can. But this statement stuck with me....

"We must fall apart before we can build up. This is the only way to redeem whatever’s been lost — we must be willing to hurt with those who are hurting so that true healing can come." Jeff Goins

In my own life I am finding that God gives me opportunity to serve others in the way I am in need.  He asked me to give long before I ever understood any of this.  Give what you need.  Let your heart break for another person.  The blessing is in the breaking.  The breaking allows old walls, habits, thoughts, ways, to be rebuilt, relearned, fresh perspectives to break through.  This is the change.  For you, for them.  Thankful.

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