Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Day 8 - Still

When I was little, sometimes at night my legs would ache so badly.  My mom said they were growing pains. They would wake me up and I would toss and turn until I couldn't take one more second.  I would crawl into bed next to her and tell her that I was hurting.  She would gather me very close under the covers and tell me to be very still and settle, let the warmth sink in.  I would squirm and kick and cry...she would keep reminding me to settle down.  And when I did, and the warm would begin to ease the pain, sleep would overtake me and I would finally rest.  Healing comes in the stillness.  When we stop fighting and let it overtake us if it must, because the sharpest pains begin to subside when we let it takes it's course and move on.  The growing was painful, but necessary.  The pain sometimes serves to make us stop and take notice. Something must change.  And so my pain gives way to hope and hope to strength and strength to perseverance and perseverance to just keep moving in the direction He is calling and perhaps along the way, show someone else that their pain has purpose too.  Today I am grateful for everything I have, right here right now, in this moment.  It's enough.  Thankful.

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