Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Behind The Scenes - Advent Day 3 - Hope

My girl.  She had been anticipating the football game and rooting for her team.  She had waited with much excitement and the day finally arrived.  She dressed in colors to show her support....and then she watched. She cheered, she yelled, she cringed and I am sure she said a few prayers.  And they didn't win.  They didn't perform as expected.  And her words made me smile, because they are a reflection of her heart..they are still my guys, still my team and I'm behind the regardless...

Such the reminder to me.  People will let us down, disappoint us and sometimes fall very short of whatever expectations we have for them.  It's in the learning to love them anyways, that we are able to show His love. It's in the allowing people to just breath, just be themselves, just let God do His work, that hope and healing come.  Lofty expectations speak more to our own heart conditions....asking people to meet needs that can only be met by God.  This is a hard lesson.  I have come face to face with it myself.  So today, I am reminded to let go.  Sometimes we have to say good try....and I love you regardless, win or loose. Thankful. 

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  1. :) Love you and your heart, sweet friend! Thanks for being a blessing to me...hope you are doing well! (((hugs)))