Monday, December 23, 2013

Advent Day 22 - Receive

My weekend found me shopping a little, buying the last of the things to complete the wishes of my two. Stockings will be full. Presents will be wrapped. There is excitement in sharing these gifts. Anticipation has found it's way round to us after a long vacation. It's here. So this on edge feeling, this tiny piece of unsettled has left me questioning....what am I missing Lord?.... Perhaps it's the gifts He is asking me to give of whispered prayers, dreams that still hold anchor in my heart, gifts to those that perhaps I struggle with when He calls me to come with open hands. Gifts of tears, gifts of forgiveness, gifts of words that need to be said. They make me tired. They make me weary. And these are the times that He is reminding me to push through. Push through with words of thanksgiving. Because I have so much to be thankful for when I open my hands to see what I hold so tightly. Receiving and giving require the same movement. The same action. Open hands. If I open my heart to give, I open it to recieve.....Him....thankful. 

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