Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Day 17 - Inside

Joining Crystal and the girls for Behind the Scenes....

This year has been a year of remembering.  Some if it painful I'll be honest, but when I stopped running and started facing it, there was more beauty than I realized.  To look back and see how so much has changed....I fear so often that things won't.  That this is here to stay.  Yet when I look back, I realize that each year, whether we desire it or not, bring something new.  This was the year we bought and moved into our home. It was my mom's before me and my children have grown up here there entire lives.  It was still the same place, the same shell, but different.  We gutted things, changed things turned what was into what is.  Same for my life.....I'm still me.  But God has been doing an overhaul, a big remodel.  Still Kimberly, still the same girl, but oh so different.  There is much beauty in that.  The hard work gave way to something awesome......believing that for this heart too.  Thankful.

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  1. Oh, God's remodeling can be so painful and yet, as you wrote, we're still ourselves when it's done, only more beautiful somehow. Praying for you and yours today that this season will bring healing and peace.