Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Day 18 - Cooperate

Joining Bonnie and the girls....

It isn't Thursday, my writing has been sporadic and I'm amazed I remembered the link up.  Nothing about this week, this month, this whole year is what I would have called normal.  But I'm learning perhaps, that just isn't the worst thing in the world.  The prompt was what person in the Christmas story do you most relate to. I drew a blank.  I got nothin'...I thought to myself, for days. And as my week progressed, the more I thought on it, I kinda can relate to all of them.  And what I am seeing in the story that I have heard my entire life is something all together different this year.  It's what I am letting sink in to my soul this Christmas. Cooperate. They all had to cooperate with God to fulfill His plan.  God has one for all of us, but cooperation, required on our part.

I know this because instead of cooperating with Him, this time last year, I ran full force away from the healing He tried to give.  And let me say, I am in no mood for a do over.  Mary had to face her fears, cooperate, and choose to be used by God when He called her to be an unwed pregnant teen.  Joseph had to cooperate when God asked Him to marry her, love her and raise a child that was not of his own blood.  Shepherds had to cooperate, follow a star to somewhere they didn't know to see the miracle they longed for.  Wise men had to heed a warning in a dream to not go back the way they came, the way they knew...but go a different way to get home.  The inn keeper had to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the need of a young mother.  The good the bad and the ugly, all cooperating for one final end.  The Beginning.  Each story of each person, I could share my own with them, I can relate to each.  They cooperated and the result was the most amazing thing anyone had ever seen.  So I'm choosing to cooperate and believe that God's track record still holds. Thankful.

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