Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Day 5 - 5 Minute Friday - Reflect

Joining Lisa Jo and the girls for 5 Minute edits, no rewrites and love those that came before you.


These last days have been looking into the past, reflecting on what was, what has transpired and what is. These days of late give me pause, to reflect on the choices I have made, to see the Hand of God and to know it was Him that saved me.  Not through some miracle of ease, but divine intervention.  A reflection of who I was, where I was and where I was headed.  Places of dark where the reflection of my soul was all but lost.  And He called me out.  I followed.  By His great mercy I followed, stumbling back to the place where I could see.  And when the Psalms tell us that He leads us beside the still waters, I believe that it is for us to stop.  To be still, so when we look down we can see the reflection of the One who loves us best.  So we can see the face that He loves so dearly, so that if we wait in this stillness, what we come face to face with is the reflection of our heart.  And that can be terrifying, but that is the place where our healing can truly begin. It is the place He restores our soul.  Thankful.


  1. Isn't it funny how we have prefect 20/20 vision looking back :) It is truly in the reflection that He give the deep restoration we need. Love this reminder.

  2. He restores my soul! Yes, and then the transformation begins... Amen!!

  3. Kimberly, love your reminder to STOP by the still waters. I need to stop more often :).

  4. Beautiful words, my friend. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly here...truly a reflection of your Father and His Love! You are a blessing. :)