Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Day 21 - Star

I see it on my way home every evening.  It's His reminder to me.  He sees me.  It waits for me, leading me to where I need to be.  That one lone star shining ever so bright.  Last year in the deepest and darkest time I have ever faced I would sit and wait.  Wait for the moment when there was enough light that I could see through the scary woods and not loose myself on the road.  I would step out in the yard and look.  It was always there, my star, telling me the way.  Reminding me.  He whispers to my soul...Hi baby girl...and then I would run.  Day in and day out.  I have left a million prayers and probably as many tears on those roads. Beautiful winter woods that gave way to spring and summer woods and now back again...then fall.....and winter has come once more. The star still shines.  It still greets me.  It is unchanging.  He is unchanging midst the swirl of life that is a constant flow of nothing ever being the same.  He is.  Thankful.

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