Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Day 14 - Grace

Our morning began with less than the best news.  A knee through a computer screen for my girl....but we were happy to discover that the fix would be less costly than we imagined and it was a lesson learned.  The day found us dropping it off for repairs and then we hit the mall.  Have not done that in so long.  We smelled candles, had lunch together, looked in windows and bought a few things to make us smile.  It was the first time in years....not just the last two, but in a really long time that I felt the weight of my life and felt happy in my own skin.  I have walked around for so long feeling like an outsider looking in on what was someone else living a life.  Nothing fit.  Nothing felt quite right.  But this, this day felt whole.  It felt good.  It was where I was supposed to be.  And when tears slid quietly down my face on the ride home, listening to my girl sing "her jam"...Hark the Bells no less.....they were tears of joy.  Tears of happy.  Tears of finally, finally....coming home.  Thankful.

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