Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Day 9 - Remember

The snow on the screen gave way to fuzzy images that became clear and we laughed. She was two. He was one. It was Christmas. Their little voices sounded so different. I don't remember them that way at all. There were other voices that we have not heard for many years. Voices that have passed, some that have moved away and others that aren't in our day to day. I felt a wave of longing as I saw that little blonde head toddle over to me on unsure footing. Walking less than two months. I saw the big blue eyes and beautiful brown curls that commanded each one do as she said. Not much has changed.....she's her mama no doubt about that. And as much as we laughed, there were tears along with the memories. Funny thing about remembering....details long forgotten become fresh in view. Feelings and emotions slip effortlessly to the surface and catch us by surprise. It rekindles love long past for family and simpler times. It makes me want to whisper to that girl of 26....don't wish this away.... And so today, I'll take my own advice. I'll take today for what it is. Let the memories it makes settle deep. Perhaps to be called to mind on another day when we might ask....remember when....Thankful.   

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