Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Advent Day 24 - In-between

The night before woke me with thoughts of revelation.  And as I read my book, finishing it up, the most beautiful of gifts He laid before me.  It's the in-between, you see, it changes everything.  The breaking precedes the miracle.....yes, but it's the Thanksgiving that follows the breaking and it is that Thanksgiving that ushers in the truest miracle of  Joy in any and all circumstance.  Joy that allows tears and sadness and pain and anticipation and hope and His passionate love for us to be hurled together.....all of it. Thanksgiving.  It finally settled.  It is Thanksgiving that is following the season of breaking and it is the Thanksgiving that prepares my heart for the miracle of what is to be...whatever is to be.  It is the word He gave me long before I knew what He was saying or how in the world He expected me to use it.  It was my answer given long before I really even knew what the question should be.  It is the feeling in my heart as I walk through this day.  And so I sit, in joyful and hopeful anticipation of Him, because He is never late you know. It's the waiting that makes the gift ever so sweet.  Thankful.

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