Wednesday, October 7, 2015

31 Days - Up

Writing for 31 days straight is certainly a challenger these days. There was a time when it wasn't. There was a time when the only way words would come was through my writing. There was a time when there was just silence and now there is much more for me to prioritize. Back then I had to really learn what it was to be thankful on the hardest of days. Back then He was teaching me perspective. Because you need that when the changes come. What happens when it all comes in like a flood? What happens when you begin to look around instead of up? He pulls me back to the quiet. And it's a re-learning. It's square one. Your hands are certainly full, but how do you remember who you are in the middle of answered prayers? How do you let Him adjust you to this new place He has brought you into? I have learned that transition is not always comfortable or easy. But I have also learned not to fight it. Some days baby steps are what you were meant to accomplish. Some days worship is in the car driving to work. And sometimes the best prayers are the ones that simply say break me. There is a strength that comes from the foundation He laid. Years. Literal years of tears and prayers and words. And when the seeds you sowed break forth it can look like utter destruction. Because that seed has to die, has to break has to get uncomfortable, has to stretch to ever see the light. Don't forget who you are. Thankful. 

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