Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2 - Plan

Funny how things find you. I wrote yesterday having no clue how this would go. I had nothing in mind. And then the verse, my verse, came along multiple times. And it reminded me. He has a plan. He always has. He told me that years and years and years ago. The first verse He ever whispered. Yesterday was filled with revelations. His plan. Of provision, protection, of good and not harm. There were so any days I couldn't see it. So many days I had no idea what in the world was happening to me. But God had a plan. I spent my morning learning about some of the new people in my life. So many people who have a heart of belief like mine. And I was floored. He put me right here. I spent the evening hearing things that broke my heart. Each word a humbling, reminding me where I might have been if not for Gods amazing grace. And I was looking back and seeing His hand, His plan.  All tied together one day at a time. And I'm watching it unfold. His plan for my life. And just like the cool air came yesterday so does He. So many changes. Yet He is fully aware. His plan. Thankful. 

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