Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 15 - Almost There

That's going to conclude your training.... That's it? Yes. That's your job.  And as it settled I wondered what in the world I was so afraid of just a week ago. It all seemed so overwhelming. Now it's all settling in nice and neat. There will be a settling in, yes. But I can do this. I haven't been challenged in quite a while. This challenged me. It brought me wholly out of my comfort zone. It reminded me what I am capable of. And what a blessing to have someone come along beside you and say you have every opportunity to learn more, to do more, to be more. It's been a crazy three weeks. More than I ever dreamed. Harder than I imagined. Better than I hoped for. One month can change a lot. Seems October is being redeemed. The month that brough such tears and heartache. This year is bringing so much promise. Not without challenge, but I seemed to have forgotten deep down what I am capable of. And the door of opportunity He opened has reminded me. We ran hills yesterday. Something new. Something outside. I could breathe. We could talk. I felt like me. I'm finding me. And I like her. Thankful. 

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