Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5 - Forward

And this is where I just don't get it. His plan. And saying that out loud reminds me that I have said that before. I know what He said, what He promised and then the complete opposite happens and it left me feeling just a bit panicked. And I felt that root of bitterness rise up. And I realized quickly it just can't stay. I don't understand. But nowhere does He promise I will. And it stings. But at this point I am learning that He never promised I would. My happiest moments are the ones where I can simply know I was obedient and keep going. He is always behind the scenes. What things appear to be on the surface they rarely are. Everything has been shaken up. And I'm finding my balance again. I am learning the lesson it seems I have forgotten. I prayed for these days, for this season. And it hasn't turned out one thing like I expected. In most ways it's better. I am reminded it all has purpose. It all ties together. Even when I just can't see. Thankful. 

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