Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 23 - What Are You

My writing has been less than these days. I think about it and then it seems life has a way of taking over. All the words from all the days and weeks and months and years.... They planted the seeds. In as much as much as I do write, because it's a part of me, I find myself using my words differently these days. And I know that's ok too. I'm finding myself right in the middle of my word from three long years ago. The word that stuck. The word that ends everything I write. Because I am. So desperately so. Because these words, all of them He used to change this girl. I have no idea really what my future holds. But I know it's His plan not mine. And there is peace in that for me. In every circumstance, the good and the really awful, He's there. And even if it's not the easiest thing, I have learned how to find His joy. Thankful. 

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