Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 10 - Look Around

It's already been two weeks. I can't believe it. Adjusting to this new schedule has brought challenges but I finally feel like perhaps I'm catching my breath. This has been the year of the most change I have ever experienced. Job, children making transitions, new relationships.....all of it. A decade ago I had major life changes. This decade seems to be bringing the same. I have zero answers. Couldn't tell you what's next if I tried. Cause I never dreamed this would be me, my life. But looking back over the last four years, I'm ok with it. This all has had purpose. I guess it's kind of like having kids. You forget the sharpness and intensity of the pain in the end. What you receive blocks out what it took to get you staring at what you dreamed of but really couldn't quite imagine it. Until it was right there in front of you. And it was better than you ever dared hoped for. Thankful. 

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