Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27 - Decade

Writing this year has been difficult. So much change. So much new. And so many doors closing. The end of this month is three years since it all came undone and I had to decide what now. I did everything He asked and nothing turned out like I supposed it would. No neat little bow. No riding off into the sunset. It was more a beginning than an ending. I lived it for three years. And I wondered if there would ever be an end. I don't fit in that skin anymore. The things that molded and shaped me into the girl that writes today is not the one from that time. And that chapter is closing. I have no idea really what that will look like or how things will go but I know I'm ready to do it. Throw off the things that hinder. Grow into this girl that I see before me. I lost a lot along the way. More than I ever wanted to in this life time. This decade of my life defined me more than any other has. And I'm ready for a new chapter. Thankful. 

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