Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9 - One

She asked me if hearing that name upset me. And I knew. I had briefly made a comment in our sharing about these roads we traveled that got us here. Nothing that might suggest much. But to someone who has walked that very same road one word can speak volumes. He pulls us together in our weaknesses. Moves us, draws us to one another. His children. His own. Sometimes I wonder why about a lot of things but I have to be willing to let His plan be bigger than mine. It's strange to see something grow where for years there was not a hint of anything. It's also hard to see places that were once full now plowed under. But I realized yesterday that different seasons require different fields. Am I willing to go, to trust. I want to say yes. But sometimes it's fear that speaks. I see He's moving again. And I want to go forward with open hands. Thankful. 

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