Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Minute Friday - Small

Joining Lisa Jo and the Girls for 5 Minute rewrite, no edits and love those that came before you...
Topic: Small


Small.  It describes quite perfectly how I am feeling.  The very first post I ever read at (In)Courage was Don't Despise The Small.  For some reason when I go to the website on my phone, it always opens up to that.  May 14th.  Small.  This place makes me feel hidden, sometimes insignificant, wondering if anyone can even see me sometimes....small.  But God says that He does great things in the secret, in the places that start off very small.  It was a small cry in the dark that He must have heard, that prompted Him to lead me down this road.  It was in the small that He has showed me how to seek Him alone and trust in Him for my needs.  It has been in the small that I have been able to look at this brokenness and not feel completely overwhelmed...and I notice that He seems to speak to me lately about butterflies :)  That cocoon the caterpillar weaves must get pretty small while it is growing until the small can no longer contain the beauty it once held so tightly and all the bigness of His glory causes it to burst out and fly on to bigger, better things....only it would not have had that chance, but for the protection of the small while growing. Thankful.


  1. I love stories of transformation. One of the neatest things I learned about a cocoon is that the butterfly has to struggle in order to become beautiful. If you attempt to slice open a cocoon to free the butterfly it will die. God bless you in your own struggles. Transformation is around the corner!

  2. But God says that He does great things in the secret, in the places that start off very small. - Love this line, Kimberly - and I hope you hold onto this every day. Have you stopped by to see Sarah over at Her story is a bit similar to yours, and she is an amazing friend and beautiful woman who has lived through much and seen God's transformation and blessings in the times of sorrow. Sending you love and hugs today, friend!

  3. Thank you Vanessa :) yes I did read her post today and it echoed in my heart. Her words do so closely mirror my own. And it gives hope :) love to you too sweet friend :)

  4. Love your words, sweet friend. What God is doing in your life is simply beautiful to see. You bless me. I hope your weekend is wonderful! (((hugs)))

  5. Thank you Mel :) He is pretty awesome and I am so thankful for the beautiful new doors He is opening. Such beautiful hearts behind it :) Have a wonderful week sweet friend!