Monday, August 19, 2013

Perfect 10 -The Final Commandment

Number 10 don’t covet when you see your neighbor’s house or wife.
Covet, by definition means to yearn to posses or have.  To crave, desire or lust.  In my life, when I have coveted something, it takes center stage.  It pushes out everything else.  My thoughts, are one tracked and consumed with it.  WHAT.I. WANT.  And there have been times when I have let go of the truth and bent what my beliefs say to me in order to get it.  What I wanted, needed, thought I could not live without and quite frankly, what I believe I deserved.  Each time I coveted, I did get exactly what I deserved.  It was never good.  Debt, stress, strained relationships, hardships all the way around.  Learning to be thankful for where He has placed me and what He has given me has not been easy.  Each day I must be purposeful about it.  Some days I'm actually really grumpy about it, but I know, oh how I know, I am blessed.  It's okay to plan, to dream, even desire....but all those things have to be handed to Him and surrendered.  He's our filter. 

Psalm 84:10-12
The Voice (VOICE)
10 Just one day in the courts of Your temple is greater
than a thousand anywhere else.
I would rather serve as a porter at my God’s doorstep
than live in luxury in the house of the wicked.
11 For the Eternal God is a sun and a shield.
The Eternal grants favor and glory;
He doesn’t deny any good thing
to those who live with integrity.
12 O Eternal One, Commander of heaven’s armies,
how fortunate are those who trust You.
He doesn't want to withhold anything good from His children.  But as His child, my main purpose is to seek HIM and let what He desires for my life flow into it.  I can share all my hearts desires with Him.  He puts them there.  He already knows.  But it's in the presenting of them to Him and placing them under His control, we can be sure that we don't get carried off by things that will lead to no good and be sure that we keep the very first commandment.  Love the Lord, seek Him first.  All the rest will then fall into place.  Thankful.

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