Sunday, August 18, 2013

Perfect 10 - Number 9

Number 9 don’t be the kind who goes around telling lies

Lies.  We tell them.  To ourselves, to others.  With our words, with our actions....with our very lives.  I don't think we set out to be that way.  But how long did I live day in and day out, lying to myself, to those around me and especially to God.  I put on a happy face, went through the motions...and I was dying inside.  Each time we put on that mask of deception, we rob ourselves of what God has planned for us and we rob others of what God needs us to do in service to Him.

I am sometimes tempted to believe that soft voice that tries to instill itself in my will never be enough, so stop trying and just give weren't good enough then, what makes you think you would be next time? And why in the world would you even get a next time?  You blew it....all lies the enemy of my soul likes to whisper to me.  There is a shred of truth to them....but "something that is 99% true is still a lie" Patrick Waters.

So when God commands me not to lie, I believe He is simply stating this....don't pretend to be who you aren't baby girl.  Don't mislead and harm other people with your words.  Speak truth and speak it in love...and sometimes love has to say the hard things....Remember that the power of life and death are in the tongue and each time you open your mouth, you are speaking life or death....into others and into yourself.  Thankful.

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