Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Behind The Scenes - Sometimes Life Is Messy

This is how we began our journey of 3.6 miles.....beautiful, CLEAN, ready for what would lie ahead even though we really had no IDEA what was actually ahead....we had visions, plans, dreams......we knew we would get a little dirty...we even wrote it on our shirts.  It WAS a Mud Run after all....

The in-between found us running up hills through terrain we were NOT accustomed to...mud in our shoes, face, eyes.....obstacles we could not even hope to complete without our partners..climbing slipping, running, struggling....one reminding the other "yes you can" even though we were both scared to death climbing over those walls.....a couple more mountains and then the end found us swimming to the finish line in a big ol' pool of mud....looking something like this.....
We were tired, dirty, bruised, blistered, cut up....but our smiles show a different perspective than the ones we started with.  We had no idea what we would face, but we made it.  And we were exhausted, but we were proud....we made it!!  We just did that!! It's kind of how I'm feeling right now.  Life happens and you think sometimes, you are all prepared, you have everything just right...then you fall face down in the mud and realize this wasn't going to be anything like you imagined....but as you near the end of it all, whatever this leg of the journey was, you look back and see how it changed you...changed your perspective.  Life is messy, it's hard, there are obstacles and things you just never planned....but that's what we train for....every morning when we get up, when we seek Him, hide His Word in our hearts, live each day the way He planned....sometimes it calls for us to get a little uncomfortable, a little messy...to get us where He ultimately wants us to be.  Thankful.


  1. I love your correlation of training for for the inevitable messy mud run by seeking Him, hiding His Word in our hearts and living each day the way He planned! It's so true that He sometimes calls us to get uncomfortable to ultimately get where He wants us to be!! and congrats to you for finishing the race!!

  2. Hey, friend...I'm sorry this comment is so late...it's been kind of a crazy week. But I love this photo and the story behind it...thank you for sharing! (And I've got the Dirty Girl on my must-run list for next year...is that the race you did? Looks like so much fun!) ;) Blessings and hugs!