Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lessons I Learned From My Teeth

Joel 2:25

The Voice (VOICE)
25 Eternal One: I will compensate you for the years
that the locusts have eaten—the swarming locusts,
The creeping locusts, the stripping locusts, and the cutting locusts—[a]
My great army that I unleashed against you.

My tooth.  That was what He reminded me of this morning.  He cares so much about every detail.  And when He gave me this verse above so long ago, He meant it.  That scrape in my tooth I have had for 14 years.  My front tooth. I could see it, feel it, but you would probably not know it was there.  And I was afraid to do anything about it.  The dentist mentioned it this past February.  He said he could just bond it, make it stronger.  NO THANK YOU!  I have never had anything done to my teeth!!  No cavities.  Clean them and let's be done thanks!  That is our relationship Dr. Dentist.  You tell me good job, keep up the good work.  I continue to brush, floss and rinse.  This is our agreement, remember?!?!?! 

But this scrape began to get a little more ragged and rough.  I could feel it.  It gave me concern.  I could SEE it....horror of all horrors.  Because it's my teeth.  You know, how you greet the world when you smile!  I stressed about it secretly for 6 months.  And it became irritating and just plain stupid.  Fix the scrape.  So when I called for my cleaning I also made the appointment for the fix.  I have never been afraid of a doctor or dentist.  This day found me squirming in my seat.  Not to mention my girl met me at the door with tears because she got a shot!!  She needed a spot resurfaced and they gave her a shot!  Holy cow!  Not expecting that.  And the sweat began....and I could not back out....and I said oh my lanta, this is my TOOTH!!!! They laughed at me.  They could not understand my distress....and so 2 minutes later with a swipe of a finger, a bright blue light and NO was perfect.  My scrape I held onto for so long, fixed in mere seconds....and it was whole and beautiful and well, restored.  By the one who knew what he was doing, who had the right tools and the knowledge to fix what had been broken for so very long, when I laid it all down and said ok.

My smooth, restored tooth has been reminding me of what He is doing in me, in my life.  He promised.  If He cares so much about a scrape from 14 years ago, how much more does He care about the wounds I carry from everything else?

I will RESTORE, COMPENSATE, REPAY....I've look at all the translations.  Each proclaiming HIS promise I WILL...Thankful.

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