Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hope For The Weary Mom - Remembering

Dear Weary Mom,

Perhaps your day looks something like this....I would get my youngest down and think that I could jump in the shower quickly before he woke up from his nap.  More often than not, this would be the scene I would emerge to find.....he wuv me....she would say.  I would sigh, knowing that yet another nap wouldn't be happening and neither would the thought of blowdrying my hair, applying anything on my face or even brushing my teeth some days.

But soon enough, they turned into this.....still two peas in a pod.  Not much on being seperated or changing out of pajamas if I want to be honest.  And I'll confess one Christmas, I let him wear them, even when we visited family.  Pick your battles mama.......

Because this is what you get much sooner than later...these big people who used to be little people who hung on you, wanted to "hold you", sat on you, and now, well they just tower over you :)

Have faith mama, that the not so fabulous days are much outweighted by the days of overflowing grace.  That He will get you through this and thankfully weary never lasts forever (praying that for myself!!).  Thankful.

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