Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Morning After

So much swimming in my head....I woke up this morning and thought... well then, here we are Lord.  On the other side of....what?  I don't know.  And I went into the kitchen and these little flying brown tiny bugs are about to drive me insane.  WHERE are these things coming from?!?!  I prayed about it, yes ma'am I did.  Lord where are they coming from?  What else can I do or clean to make them go?  And I opened the cabinet to get my coffee out.  Something made me pull everything out on that entire shelf.  Ick.  They apparently were making a home in a pot holder and glove I had never used shoved back in the back.  So I pulled it all out, threw it all away and cleaned it.  As I was wiping it all down, looking at the empty space, He spoke to me.  Lets get to the root of it.....yes, Lord lets.  Let's get to the root of how I even started on this journey so long ago.  Let's throw away all the things that are just stuffed back in a corner and seem to be a breeding ground for these thoughts and hurts and things that just keep coming back no matter how many times I think I have killed them all.  Lets wipe the space clean with Your healing words and fill it with the things that actually belong there.  Go back.....He said to me.  Which brought me to the story of Elijah in 1 Kings....  more on that later.

A clean space, ready and willing to accept the good stuff.  My cabinet was an easy fix.  My heart, I am praying will be just as restored.  Thankful.

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