Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Perfect 10 - Number 8

Number 8  don’t steal and break this rule for goodness sake!
 Don't steal.  Don't take what doesn't belong to you.  This too, on the outside, seems easy enough.  But what about when those feelings get the better of you, when you want something you don't have and you can't see past that, can't find a way to be satisfied with what you have in this moment?  I've been there.  I've stolen my time away from what God asked of me pursuing my own pleasures.  I've stolen money from Him when I refused to tithe, thinking that somehow giving Him what He asks, from what already belongs to Him anyways, was an impossible.  I couldn't live on what I had.  I was greedy.  I was wasteful and I hoarded.  All stealing.  All come from a reliance on self instead of a reliance on Him.  I've taken things that did not belong to me, I've been in relationships I should never have ventured into....all stealing what God had planned for me.  His best, sold out for a roll in the pig pen of what the world has to offer....I've been that prodigal daughter that says "Give me what I believe is mine", gone out and completely blew it...all to end up running back to Him saying I wasted it all.....please let me come back home.  And He did.  He picked me up, cleaned me off, fed my soul, mended my wounds and said as I have heard so very often from my Father....begin again...Thankful.

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