Friday, August 16, 2013

The Breaking

I wasn't even going to share it.  It felt like cool air brushing over my entire being.  I crawled into bed Wednesday, and I mean literally, like when you are 5 and you are sooo tired and you give up and do what you are told.....GO TO BED......and so I did.  As I lay there on my pillow, I said...this is it Lord, I completely give more...I cannot do this... And as I picked up my phone to turn on my alarm, I looked at it.  The little Twitter button.  And I thought how sick I am of even my phone right now.  But I hit it anyways.  And something caught my eye...."we have been listening to this song on repeat".....and I clicked it.  And a picture of a fried egg came up and it made me crack a smile.  I love fried eggs.  And I feel about like a fried egg right this very second.  And the song attached to the picture of the fried egg.....oh my.....He answers when we truly lay it all down.  I suppose I have not been doing that because this, this felt like something I have never felt.  He met me in such a way there just aren't words.  His answer to my most desperate heart ache.

And I wanted to hide it, hold it, treasure I do with chocolate sometimes when I don't want the kids to eat it ;) MINE.....

And so today those words found me again in the most beautiful way.....and when He does that you can't hold it in, you must let it spill out, you really have no choice.  His glory is never meant to be contained.....This Thing Is Not Gonna Break You....but HE will.  And that's the difference.  The beauty is in HIS breaking, what we are, who we are, letting the beautiful spill out from the ordinary.  Thankful.

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