Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear Weary Mom - Outcomes

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Dear Weary Mom,

She did NOT want to do this and trust me, she let me know.  She's like me, my girl.  I get her, I understand her completely.  It seems like it's going to be a train wreck, like this is just gonna end badly.  She can't decide what to wear, how to fix her hair....and then her make-up....So I prayed.  Hard.  And her brother just quietly stayed out of the way.  He's good like that.  Senior/Family pictures.  She didn't want to do them.  But I, her mother, insisted.  NO THANK YOU....she said.  Who even cares about that?!?  Well, I do, I began.  And her rolled eyes met my gaze and well, I love my girl to the moon and back but there are days....

God feels like that about me I am certain.  I get so scared, so overwhelmed with how it may or may not look, turn know, this FEELS like a train wreck.  He meets my eye rolling and sighs with much more love and compassion that I tend to hand out.  And so I grabbed hangers, shoes, the boy AND the girl and off we went!

As much as I knew that this was going to be great, family pictures always are in the end for us, no matter the turmoil that might ensue before....when my precious friend Melissa texted me a little peak at what was to come....Oh my!!  Better than even I expected :)

Sometimes God gives us a look into what He's doing.  The ways He might choose to do so varies I know.  But when we do get a glimpse of what it is He is creating, how much more amazing than what we thought or dreamed is it?  I keep reminding myself of that these days.  Things seem so unsure and foggy and I just can't imagine what He is really up to.....but just as I remind my girl so very often, one day at a will come, He is reminding me that so much lately.

Live in today.  What is it He has for us in this moment?  The rest will fall into place.  Thankful.

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