Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Be wise when you engage with those outside the faith community; make the most of every moment and every encounter. When you speak the word, speak it gracefully (as if seasoned with salt), so you will know how to respond to everyone rightly. Colossians 4:5-6 VOICE

So many things lately in what God is speaking to me about have to do with words....words.  In my lifetime words have meant so many different things to me.  I have used them to create things and destroy things.  To wound and to comfort.  I never measured the true weight of my words until I found myself staring at this path I was on and was rendered speechless.  There were days in the beginning that all I could muster was "Help. God please, help".  And slowly He began to show me the destruction that words can cause, the devastation they speak into others and that devastation settled right back into me.  But when I let Him show me how to use my words, my prayers, for His glory, for the good of others.....well that changed everything.  When you speak life into another, your speaking it into your own heart.  When you speak good over evil, you get it back too.  Love over hate....sowing those seeds.....words change everything.  Words.....Jesus spoke them to conquer death...He spoke them to bring a dead man back to life...He spoke them to comfort, to convict hearts, to forgive sins, to set captives free.

So when I use my words, that is my desire.  Not to make prisoners and in turn, imprison my self, but to share the life I have been given, to share the grace God has poured over me, to speak into those around me what He spoke into me.  To draw others near, to make them curious as to what can change a life so radically.  You and I will be held accountable for every word we speak.  Every. Single. Word.  That is, at times, overwhelming to me.  So I want to make it count.  I want to use my words to draw others to Him.  Today it is my prayer that in every situation, you will find some way to speak life.  Changing your words can change everything...especially you.

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  1. Words are so powerful. Seasoning our words with salt and sometimes just listening is the greatest gift we can give. God gives us the words we need when we allow His Spirit to fill us. May our words be words of grace and love.