Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God Sized Dream - Tuesday Child Is Full of Grace

It's Tuesday....time for talking about our God Sized Dreams.  And I am stuck on that poem this week, the Monday's Child Poem.....Today is grace....and faithfulness.  And those two have to go hand in hand.

What part of your dream feels the riskiest? Have you ever had people misunderstand or disagree with your dream? What do you do when your dream is scary or when others don’t support you?

My dream....it's risky.  I know what God set in my heart.  I know it's big.  It's hard to put into words sometimes, and honestly I rarely do.  This whole journey has been Him calling me right when the world says left.  Walking this road much alone for a time, because no one understood why in the world I make the choices I was making.  But I kept my eyes on Him and He began to rebuild those around me, the ones who would walk beside me, be my family, love me unconditionally and watch God do some amazing things in me....and in turn, He has done some amazing things in the situation.

I get so caught up in the end sometimes, I forget to look around and see what He is doing each day.  I have no guarantees of what the outcome of this whole thing will eventually be, but I know that He has flooded me with grace.  And His grace, day in and day out, helps me continue to be faithful to this calling He has on my life.  His grace has caused me to change in ways I never imagined.  His faithfulness has sustained me when nothing of this world could have held me together.  He is faithful to extend grace...everyday.  To keep me going forward when I come up against those who don't understand, when I myself don't understand. 

The riskiest part is that God has asked for all of me, everything I have, every part of my life, touched by this one turn in the road.  And it seems that daily, as of late He asks me to jump, to do the things that make the world look at me and just shake their head.  But I believe He is faithful....and if He asks it of me, He will give me the grace to do it.


  1. This is awesome, beautiful faith! Do you know how pleased God must be with you? Smiling down on you, so proud...I'm sure He must be thinking, "That my girl!" Way to go! Press, on brave sister.

  2. "I get so caught up in the end sometimes, I forget to look around and see what He is doing each day." This is the exact thought that hit me this past weekend. I love that you are braving through to be faithful to the calling He has on your heart. Keep running the race and we will not only cheer you on but we will run beside you.

    1. Thank you Amy. This feels anything but brave most days and then He sends precious encouragement along the way :)

  3. Thank you Mandy. Your words are a salve to my heart today.

  4. Love this! In reflecting on these last months of taking my dreams and really going for them, I'm finding so much value in the day by day...God really does make the journey beautiful and fill it with blessings. I'm like you...I don't know how those dreams are going to turn out, but there's peace because He's got it. I love that promise. Blessings, friend...keep trusting and taking those leaps of faith!

  5. Thank you Mel! Nice to have fellow "jumpers" right along side :)