Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving

Sigh.....loving and giving is probably the last thing I feel like being right now.  I feel tired, worn and really sick of hearing the same prayers over and over in this head of mine.  My sweet friend Aubrey has hit a wall in her journey.  I have hit a wall in mine.  And as she wrote about it yesterday, I could relate on so many levels.  But just like I tell her, because I have been on that journey she is now on, keep going.  I know what's on the other side of that and it's amazing. 

So what has God called me to do in the middle of being worn out and completely over it?  Love others and give.  Have you even had to give until it hurts?  Like really causes pain? I have not until this journey.  But I am reminded that it is when we come to the end of ourselves, what we have to give physically.....spiritually, that God can then work through us.  When we are void of ourselves and what we desire, then He can move can show Himself to us and then in turn, to others.

And so I look at this wall and I wait.  He's either gonna knock it down, or give me the strength to climb it.  Either way, it's gotta be Him and not me.  Love others even when you don't want to...even when it hurts.  Give of everything you have, even when it feels impossible.  Where He is going with this I just don't know.....

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