Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday's Child Works Hard For A Living

Matthew Chapter 6

The Voice (VOICE)
"Part of imitating the perfection of God is acting charitably and generously, doing good deeds, working for justice, and praying."

What is it that we are striving for? Working for, in order to earn money...what do we do with the reward for all our hard work? I have been drawn lately to Matthew 6:33, really the whole chapter gives answer to how we should work and live and what we should do with that.  I am finding more and more that as I turn my attention to the "hard work" He sets before me for His kingdom, all else I need is added to my life.  Doesn't mean I don't work hard....I do :) I teach preschool and do the books for my family's business, so my days are very full in the "working".  But each job also comes with an opportunity to work hard for Him.  Some days that might be through prayer, other times rocking a little one to sleep....our jobs, the work of our hands, should never be separate from our work He has called us to.  I want to work hard for a living, to see the fruit of my labors...but I also want to work just as hard at living for the One who ultimately provides everything I need.

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