Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days f Encouragement - Thankful

Some days I feel like I just don't have any words.  That's saying a lot for me.  Sometimes I get to the point of empty and these are the times that maybe He doesn't need to hear me voice anything.  He just needs me to be quiet.  To listen.  So He can answer.  And I can hear.  A while back, when I finished writing, I just wrote the word thankful at the end of it.  And it resonated with me.  And when I write, that's how I end it.  Because there is nothing more to say.  Some days I feel it, some days I deliberately choose it.  But even still, it is what I am this year.  It signals the end of my words to Him and lets me then open my heart and receive what He has for me.  Whatever that is.  Because at times, what I have received has been painful and hard and the opposite of what I wanted.  But I am coming to find more and more it isn't always about me is it? He gives me what I need to face what He has called me to and for that I truly am...thankful.

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